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Custom Molded Hearing Protection


Each of the plug styles below are custom molded. You select your color (glitter, swirl or solid colors) and activity. They require a molding appointment for the person who will wear them. As part of the purchase price, you get a clinic visit where we take the impression of the wearer’s ear, shipping both ways to have the plugs manufactured to the ear, a fitting clinic visit when you pick them up so we can ensure they are comfortable and fitting properly and a 90-day remake warranty. We can offer you a certificate with an appointment on it if you wish to purchase a set of these as a gift for a loved one.

Ear Plugs for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Whether your issue is noise from the sound of the engines or wind-shutter, we have protection for you. For some, there may be a concern that too much protection means they won’t hear important sounds such as an approaching siren or a honking horn. For this situation, we recommend our filtered earpieces. They provide a dB reduction of 21 and protect mostly in the mid to high frequencies, allowing greater environmental awareness and a safer riding experience. And they can be worn comfortably under a helmet.

For other bikers, the biggest concern is wind noise, which can swirl in the ears and create unpleasant turbulence. You guessed it! We’ve got a plug for that too. Scooped and hollowed-out for comfort, they can be comfortably worn under a helmet. While not rated for attenuation, they do provide a moderate degree of protection, particularly in the high frequencies.

concert or musician plugs


Today’s rock music can be hard on one’s hearing. It may seem innocent, but attending a concert or playing in a rock band can leave you with permanent, irreparable hearing loss. Repeated exposure to 120dB or more, which you can encounter at a concert, particularly at extended periods of time, can leave you wondering where your hearing went. Our concert plugs, ideal for musicians and concert goers allow you to hear accurately in high-noise environments. Flat attenuation allows the wearer to hear sounds accurately but at reduced levels. Choose from 9, 15 or 25dB attenuation.

Protection for hunters & Shooters

I am hardcore. A shooter. Hunter. Sweat. Pain. Cold. That’s sport for me. And I can’t get enough. The surge of adrenaline. The shot… But before the shot goes off, I think of myself. I am listening – to the hidden danger of gunfire. I’m wearing custom hearing protection.

These plugs are made for sudden-noise environments. A filter instantaneously closes when damaging noise levels are reached. Allows essentially normal hearing at all other times.

Floatable swim protection

I love the pool. Diving. Splashing. Dunkin’ girls. I’d stay in ’til I was shivery, purple and wrinkled. But water in my ears? No thanks! Not since I had tubes put in my ears! I am listening – to my mom. And protecting my ears with AquaNots – custom swim plugs. AND THEY FLOAT!!! Not only that, I can get them in any color I can imagine, including swirls and glitter and even glow in the dark!

While designed for swimming or showering to prevent moisture from entering the ear canal, they also provide superb all-around noise reduction. They float and have integral finger grips for easy removal.

For iPod and cell phone users

I spend a lot of my time listening to my iPod™ but the little earbuds start to hurt after awhile. They are not very comfortable and when I go running they actually fall out and I am constantly repositioning them!

The truth is, “bud” styles allow so much noise from the environment to enter your ears and the sound that you want to hear bleeds out into the cosmos that you turn the volume even higher to combat that noise. Studies have shown that “bud” wearers typically turn their MP3 players up to 120dB, safe to your ears for just seconds. But with custom-made plugs that can be used on either your iPod™ (or other MP3 player) or your cell phone, users tend to leave the volume much lower, a safer volume of 80-85dB. With these plugs it is safe to wear your headphones for hours.

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