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Hearing sounds is an important and powerful part of our experience. It helps create everlasting memories, evokes unforgettable moments in our lives, and can even keep us safe by helping us understand where sounds are coming from. A favorite song, the voice of a loved one, and the inimitable crunch of fall leaves under our feet — they all have the power to take us somewhere. Hearing is central to our lives in a way no other sense could ever be. As AudigyCertified® professionals, we want to do more than help you tap into your favorite memories — we want to take you to a place where you can create new ones.


So what sounds are central to your life? Are they ones that come from having dinner with loved ones at a bustling restaurant? Watching the big game on TV with your best buddies? Listening to your grandchildren’s voices on the phone or during a video call? Whatever they might be, we’ll strive to get you there, because better is a place we can go — together.

What's your Lifestyle?

Lifestyle Match
Staunton Hearing Group
VA Hearing Group
Hearing loss in Virginia
Hearing loss
  • A variety of video & audio entertainment

  • Diverse restaurant dining

  • Sporting events

  • Outdoor activities

  • Demanding careers

  • Family gatherings

  • Driving

  • Weekly church services

  • Engaging conversation

  • Television watching

  • Quiet restaurant dining

  • Personal business meetings

  • Friends and family over occasionally

  • Occasional music listening

  • Occasional television watching

  • Quiet shopping trips

  • Worship gatherings

  • Activities in and around the home

  • Hardly any television watching

  • Small religious services

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