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Why Do I Struggle with Balance?

Did you know that hearing and balance are correlated? And that wearing hearing aids may help your balance? Your balance may be off for a number of reasons, such as visual, neurological, and muscular problems. However, balance can also be related to your inner ear and how well you are hearing. The labyrinth, a structure of tissue and bone located in your inner ear, compromises your semicircular canals, otilithic organs, and the cochlea, which is all in control of hearing. These parts of your inner ear together with the vestibular and visual system let your body know its position in respect to your surroundings and gravity. Therefore, hearing loss by itself does not cause balance disorders but problems with the inner ear and vestibular system may.

In a research study from Washington University in St. Louis, ENT Dr. Timothy E. Hullar concluded that hearing aids are a novel treatment for imbalance in older adults with hearing loss. They recognized that wearing hearing aids help older adults avoid falls.

To determine the cause of your balance issues, visit your audiologist today! They will perform tests to check if the problem is in the inner ear and if hearing aids will be right for you! If you have further questions or want to schedule a hearing test, contact us at 540-248-1670.

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