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Hearing During the Holidays

We know it can be hard to connect with the people you love during loud family gatherings. For those living with hearing loss, the holidays can be a tiresome and isolating situation. We hope during this holiday season, these tips will help you enjoy this time with family and friends.

christmas dinner

Don’t be afraid to ask everyone to speak up!

These people are your friends and family, a small reminder can go a long way. For those that don’t deal with hearing loss, they don’t often realize how loud they talk, if they speak clear, or too fast. Remind them of your needs, so you can participate in the conversion.

Turn off the tv and background music.

This added noise will prevent you from hearing conversations. If you are hosting, avoid this unnecessary background noise. If you are someone else’s house, request them to turn down the music or tv.

Focus on 1-on-1 interactions.

Sometimes it can be hard to focus on everyone in the group, especially with multiple people talking. Focus on one conversation at a time.

Don’t leave your hearing aids at home.

Some people feel embarrassed wearing hearing aids in public, but then struggle to interact in social settings. This is not a good route and can leave you feeling isolated. Wear your hearing aids proudly and be happy you have the time with family and friends.

Give your ears a break!

If you are in a loud indoor environment, don’t be embarrassed to take a minute outside in the quiet. You can also ask someone to step outside with you to have a conversation with less distraction. We know hearing can be hard work; give yourself what you need!

We hope you enjoy this season with family and friends! Happy Holidays!

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